Body Casting Art – Bay Area

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We make body casts ( life casts ) with incredible detail using 100% safe materials.Our casting studio is in the Oakland / San Francisco Bay Area, but we can do castings in other places as far away as Los Angeles.

We are the only professional body casting studio in Northern California

Anything can be cast, just contact me with your idea.  

Text me at 925 336-6462 (anytime)

These are great as treasured keepsakes, reminders of special moments in your life, or as very personal and meaningful art works.
Body casts are often used for special effects, cosplay, scientific or artistic reference.
Special occasions such as engagements, weddings, anniversaries, pregnancy, and birthdays are often perfect times to do a body cast to capture the memory forever.
We use museum quality casting materials Hydrocal, TufStone and DryStone, these look similar to plaster but much stronger and are able to capture exquisite detail. These casts can last for hundreds of years.

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Text me at 925 336-6462 (anytime) for Bay Area body casting

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