Female nude torso cast

Full torso cast.

This client wanted a torso body cast as a gift to herself after the birth of her daughter.

( note: she has given me permission to share this, I’m very careful about confidentiality for all of my clients )

# More info about my Intimate and Sexy body casts

1. I work with the client to find a pose which is artistically beautiful and is practical to mold with this process.

P1160802 copy

2. A special skin-safe silicone is painted on the model.


3. Fast-set plaster bandages are applied over the silicone to create a hard shell support for the silicone rubber mold.


4. Plaster, resin, or wax ( to make a foundry cast bronze) is applied to the inside silicone surface.

5. The plaster or resin cast is removed from the silicone mold the next day. It will always look a bit rough, We will spend a couple hours trimming, repairing small defects, and adding supports to the back.

Female torso cast

Female torso cast

5. The cast needs to dry at least 2 weeks before we can do the final surface finish.

This type of torso cast will cost between $200 and $400. See my Prices page or contact me for a more specific price for your torso cast.

# More info about my Intimate and Sexy body casts

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