Nude female torso cast

Large casts require a lot of preparation and effort before, during, and after the body casting day.

A release cream is applied to assure a bubble free cast with high detail.

I usually use a special skin safe silicone with additives to reduce chances of it grabbing small hairs.

Extra fast set plaster bandages are used to create a stiff support shell for the soft silicone detail layer.



The final sculpture will be created by filling the inside of the negative mold with HydroCal or or a similar museum quality plaster.


Silicone detail layer – negative mold

This is the rough cast, I will need to let it dry then I can do some clean-up and finish work.

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Intimate ( sexy ) body casts

I do casts of any body part my clients want.

These are usually done for fun, or as a gift to a special friend. Upper torso ( breasts) are most common but I have also done  vulva (a.k.a. yoni or vagina) casts similar to the ” Great Wall of Vagina ” casts by Jamie McCartney, butts, and various combinations.

My article about the process is here > Torso casting process info

I have also helped clients with casts to make medical prosthetics to replace missing or damaged body parts. Women have wanted me to do breast casts, or nipple before they go in for a mastectomy and after their breast reconstruction. The casts can be used to recreate the breast or nipple in soft silicone to simulate the missing part under clothing.

I am happy to consult with you about your needs, and my ability to help you get a great result with the finished cast.

I am always respectful, professional, and will be careful about your confidentiality choices.




Bronze finish torso


Female torso cast


Butts are always popular


Large torso cast


Vulva casts are unique and beautiful


Female torso cast

Nipple closeup

Piercings add a special interest

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You can see some process photos on my Intimate/Sexy casts page. 

Prices for this, and all other body casting options are on my Prices Page

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Post-mortem cast (after death cast)

I was hired by a Bay Area client to go to Los Angles to do a post mortem (after death) hand and face cast of her recently deceased relative. Post mortem casts are technically difficult, but are often the most meaningful and beautiful casts I do.

This is the finished hand cast. It’s a dusted bronzed finish with a bonded bronze resin core.


post mortem hand cast

Prices for this sort of cast are individually quoted but all other body casting options are on my Prices Page

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Baby hand cast

This beautiful little girl did a great gesture for this casting. Part of the fun is that until we “demold” the casting from the alginate jell nobody know what it will look like.

During the casting it’s best for the kid’s parent or other “comfort person” to hold them while I put the foot or hand in the alginate molding material. It only takes a few minutes and usually they are comfortable when the alginate jells.

Baby hand cast

Baby hand cast

For a modes extra charge we can mount the casting in a deep frame.

Baby hand cast in frame

Baby hand cast in frame

Female nude torso cast

Full torso cast.

This client wanted a torso body cast as a gift to herself after the birth of her daughter.

( note: she has given me permission to share this, I’m very careful about confidentiality for all of my clients )

# More info about my Intimate and Sexy body casts

1. I work with the client to find a pose which is artistically beautiful and is practical to mold with this process.

P1160802 copy

2. A special skin-safe silicone is painted on the model.


3. Fast-set plaster bandages are applied over the silicone to create a hard shell support for the silicone rubber mold.


4. Plaster, resin, or wax ( to make a foundry cast bronze) is applied to the inside silicone surface.

5. The plaster or resin cast is removed from the silicone mold the next day. It will always look a bit rough, We will spend a couple hours trimming, repairing small defects, and adding supports to the back.

Female torso cast

Female torso cast

5. The cast needs to dry at least 2 weeks before we can do the final surface finish.

This type of torso cast will cost between $200 and $400. See my Prices page or contact me for a more specific price for your torso cast.

# More info about my Intimate and Sexy body casts

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