Intimate / Sexy

We can do casts of almost any body part you want.
Sometimes these special casts are the most beautiful and interesting.

We use a special skin safe silicone formula that will comfortably release from beards, pubic hair, and underarm hair.

Great as gifts for lovers, special keepsakes for yourself, or as decorative art.

I also do casts for use in producing medical prosthetics or for other special medical reasons.

We are always careful to respect your privacy and confidentiality choices.

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Skin safe silicone


Plaster shell over silicone mold


Female torso cast

Female or male upper torso -belly button to neck $ 250
Pregnant belly to neck $ 450
Female full toro (above knees to chin) $ 675
Include hand add $ 50 each
Include arm and hand add $ 100 each


Pregnant belly with Mom and Dad’s hands

Perfect texture details



Tattoos and scarifications show in the cast



Torso cast – resin bronze


Bronze finished resin cast


Bronze finish torso cast


Large torso cast

Nipple closeup

Piercings cast great also


Butts are always popular casts

Front torso cast

The green silicone is applied to her skin, then I make the plaster support shell.

The final torso sculpture will be cast into the silicone negative which captures incredible detail.

For your comfort and privacy you can usually choose to do these body castings in your Bay Area home.

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