I can cast you holding something that’s meaningful or special to you.

I also do special casts including “baby bump” torsos, intimate casts, dog paws, and even post-mortem hands or face.

“The Accountant’s arm” with large cast watch.


Anything that’s waterproof can be cast

“The Softball Champ”

Holding the game winning ball


Soft Ball Champ – hand cast with softball

“Post mortem hands”

I have experience with post mortem body casting.

note: The minimum cost for this special service is $ 1,000


Post mortem hands

“Hole in One” – Golfer’s hand cast holding the hole-in-one ball


Hole in One

“Sculptor’s tool” – This is a direct body cast of my hand holding a sculpting tool then the hand is cast in TufStone plaster but the real tool remains in place.

Sculptor's tool

Sculptor’s tool

The plaster cast will hold the real item forever.

We can do body casts of anything!

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Text me at 925 336-6462 (anytime)

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